MOES Fun Run Event

MOES Fun Run Event
Posted on 04/01/2019
Students at the Fun Run

We wanted to thank these businesses and families for supporting our upcoming MOES Fun Run ember on Thursday 3/28. Thank you for supporting our students and school! We are pleased to announce that the PTO collected a grand total of $2,495.00 with our first MOES Fun Run. We would like to thank our parent volunteers for all their hard work in making this such a successful and fun event for our students. Our Principal, Mrs. Sackman, ran with every grade level and went around 81 times on Thursday! Make sure you check out the Photo Album for the event to see the kids in action. They had a blast with this fundraiser. Thank you parents for supporting our school.
Frederick and Frederick Architects

The Sanderson and Ford Families

Mattson Charter Service, LLC

Equity Payment

Honeytree Daycare in Beaufort