Mr. Glick wins grant

Mr. Glick wins grant for ukuleles
Posted on 05/10/2017
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Congratulations to Mr. Nicholas Glick, our music teacher, for winning the Foundation for Educational Excellence Innovative Teacher Grant.

The ukuleles will be used to introduce string instruments to all students (during the first year) as well as build on previous string techniques (during following years) for the older students. Ukulele instruction is an easy introduction to string instruments for multiple reasons.  Its size makes the ukulele easy to handle for children’s smaller hands. The skills for forming notes are fairly easy to learn.  Playing the ukulele is a great way to teach tonality (how music is created and structured), chord structure, finger positions, coordination, and ear training skills for all students. For older students it is a great way to expand on these techniques and learn how to accompany, build chord progressions, coordinate multiple finger positions, hear and follow sound patterns, and learn various types of folk music associated with the ukulele. These ukuleles will be played by second through fifth grades with second and third graders learning the basics of ukulele and string instruments while fourth and fifth graders build on more advanced techniques.  Ukulele instruction would likely take place during a two to three-month time span each year and will be an integral part of music instruction and performance at Mossy Oaks for years to come.