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Student Leadership Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to take the lead in the facilitation of school-wide events. In 2021, they hosted the first annual Special Olympics.




Art Advocacy in South Carolina

The funding of the ABC Project Grant is distributed by the SC Arts Commission, but it relies entirely on the state budgeting process. Down load the Advocacy for the Arts Info Sheet to learn more about taking action, contacting our state representative, Bill Herbkersman, to let him know how much we value and benefit from these grants, and finding other ways to preserve arts education and keep funding available.

Pre-Med Academy

Beginning in 2023, students can explore the Medical Field through the Pre-Med and Biomedical Science track. Pre-Med Academy is a preparatory program that prepares students to be highly competitive in the medical field. Students will have the opportunity to learn life-saving CPR and First-Aid training.



Our Pre-Med Academy encourages hands-on engagement, problem solving, and technology use for medical research, team collaboration, and project presentation.  The Pre-Med Academy will prepare students to explore various careers in medicine. Students will learn about the analysis of data and diagnoses of diseases, investigate disease outbreaks, explore medical careers, and receive lifesaving CPR and first aid certificates - all before leaving middle school.