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Our Purpose

Mossy Oaks Elementary School (MOES) empowers students through academic and explorative experiences to enhance their curiosity about the world around them. MOES provides a rich and rigorous academic program that fosters a lifetime love of learning.

Through a comprehensive arts-integrated program, students make meaningful connections with the core curriculum while discovering their unique gifts and abilities. This fusion of art with academics results in an environment that inspires students to reach their full potential. 

By Working Together, Anything is Possible!

MOES lives by their mission to promote character development by nurturing the whole child. With a strong focus on developing important life skills, MOES is committed to helping students grow and succeed in their educational journey.

School Goals

  1. Student Achievement: Mossy Oaks Elementary’ s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment guidelines ensure teacher effectiveness and student growth across all grades and courses. As part of the Mossy Oaks Family, students must evidence respect and good manners to benefit fully from these learning experiences.
  2. Student and Teacher Engagement:  Mossy Oaks Elementary supports challenging, equitable educational programs as part of our Arts/ STEM initiative which utilizes authentic activities and real world applications to engage students. By integrating visual and performing art into lessons, teachers involve students in memorable, multisensory learning. Mossy Oaks Elementary supports teacher growth and effectiveness by designing Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to address specific student challenges revealed by student data. Reviews of the data enable teachers to create common formative assessments and foster the development of focused lessons using research-based strategies.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Mossy Oaks Elementary students are actively involved in community service events, such as the Special Olympics we hosted in 2020. We sponsor periodic occasions throughout the year for parents and community members to learn more about our school and the work our students are doing. We also encourage parents to volunteer as partners with teachers.
  4. Environment: Mossy Oaks Elementary ensures a safe and healthy learning environment. Students participate in character education programs to hone traits to develop successful, confident, and productive lives in the years ahead. Our (PBIS) rubric, posted throughout our school, reminds students of our behavior expectations.  To ensure the safety of all students, we review emergency procedures and conduct drills each semester. All visitors must check in only at the front office and must show proper identification.
  5. Communication: Mossy Oaks Elementary strives to keep all stakeholders informed. We utilize multiple means of communication including School Messenger, Facebook and Twitter. Monthly newsletters are sent home and placed on our website. PTO and SIC meetings are announced in the monthly newsletters and open to all parents and stakeholders.