Mr. Christopher Crabb

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Christopher Crabb


Winthrop University, 2001 Bachelor's of Arts in Dance Education Seton Hall University, 2012 Certificate of Philosophical Theology Highly Qualified in Dance (K-12)

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It is a joy to be entering my 15th year of teaching and 4th year at Mossy Oaks!  During my teaching career,  I have been able to begin and expand dance programs at many schools including Lady's Island Elementary, Bluffton Elementary and Red Cedar Elementary in Beaufort as well as Hopkins Middle School in Columbia, SC.

In the dance program at Mossy Oaks, students will develop skills to
1) Think Critically and Creatively
2) Be a Good Audience and Performer
3) Be a global thinker
4) Be an arts consumer.

Don't Be Crabby and DANCE ON!