Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

We will provide a challenging, engaging, and safe school connecting each child to a successful future.

The goal of Mossy Oaks Elementary School and of every teacher, administrator, and staff member is to provide all students with a rigorous education essential to success in our local and global communities.  Our goal is to provide a world-class education that challenges our students to expand their horizons; to extend themselves; and to explore their abilities, talents, and opportunities.

Our curriculum is built around state and national standards that specify in detail the knowledge, information, and skills our students are being taught within each subject area and through each stage of academic and personal development.  Progress of each student will be assessed regularly to ensure that the standards are being mastered and talents fully explored.  The task of our teachers is to guide each student toward mastery of these challenging standards within a wide range of meaningful classroom experiences.

Each student will be instructed on his or her current individual mastery level, but each student will be encouraged to progress as fast and as far as interests, curiosity, and enthusiasm demands.  This process, known as "continuous progress" acknowledges that students will master the standards at different rates and provides the flexibility to adapt classroom instruction to changing student needs.  This ensures that students are never pushed ahead too fast nor slowed down.  At the same time, all students are expected to reach rigorous academic and personal goals at prescribed intervals.

From the foundation set at Mossy Oaks Elementary School, we expect each child to be able to move into the middle school environment with a proficiency in the basic skills, a positive self-concept, and the ability to function as a responsible citizen in a democratic society.

1.  Practice respect and good manners as a Mossy Oaks family member.
                 2.  Achieve "Adequate Yearly Progress" as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act.
   3.  Promote health and wellness for all members of the Mossy Oaks family.