The school health room is equipped to handle illnesses and injuries that occur at school.

The nurse's goal is to assist in the education process by improving the health status and learning of children.  "Healthy children learn better."  It is our goal to keep children at school as much as possible.  Please keep your child at home if he/she has one of the conditions listed below.  If your child becomes sick at school, you will be called to pick them up promptly.

DHEC School Exclusion List:

Chicken pox                    Diarrhea                    Fever of 100 degrees or higher

Fever with a rash            Behavior changes     Ear ache

Vomiting                          Sore Throat               Head lice  

Hepatitis A                       Influenza                   Impetigo

Measles                           Meningitis                 Mononucleosis

Mumps                             Pink Eye                   Rash with a fever

Ringworm                         Scabies                    Shingles

Staph infection                 Strep throat              Tuberculosis

Whooping cough


Medications can be administered at school.  Please follow the medication guidelines listed on the nurse's page of the MOES website.  All medications will be kept in the nurse's office.Office hours for sick children begin at 10:00 a.m.; exceptions are made for  and emergencies.  All students must have a sick pass from the teacher to see the nurse.  If the light in the nurse's office is off, students should report to the front office for assistance.